For years my performances have included composers such as Gideon Klein, Erwin Schulhoff, Vitezslava Kaprálová, composers which are perhaps not well-known to the general public but who are quite dear to me. Therefore, I have made it a habit during my concerts of giving a few words of explanation and background on these artists. As audiences have taken a great interest in this in the past, I decided to expand upon this concept.
This has now given rise to theme evenings which combine both music and presentation elements. The major themes are:

  • The lost composer generation: Composers who perished in the concentration camps
  • Two great Czech masters: Milan Kundera's literary works as relating to the work of Leoš Janáček.
Depending on the audience, I offer these evenings in German, English, Russian and Slovakian.


Daniela Hlinková Piano