Huangzhou, China 2017

Huangzhou, China 2017

with Sophia Bacelar, Berliner Philharmonie

with Sophia Bacelar,
Berliner Philharmonie

Moyzes Quartet

Moyzes Quartet

"She plays excellently, very sensitively, a wonderfully clear sound."
Michael Gielen

"The soloist Daniela Hlinková plunges into sound cascades and re-emerges perfectly well. Again and again she is adding fresh shades and colours to the comings and goings of the chromatic confusions (...) She just plays tremendously great music. Over and over again there begin to bloom melodies, the audience is gently touched by the sounds of the piano."
Märkische Oderzeitung

"Daniela Hlinková presented herself as an Artist in Residence in an outstanding debut at theKasseler Musiktage Festival. It was not just the whirling passages which impressed. Characteristic was the way she brought to life the tersely-set lines with her fine tonal and rhythmic shading."
Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine Zeitung

"Her Janáček-playing had a daring, yet persuasive slowness, a yearning which... she so transperantly celebrated with suddenly appearing brisk passages."
Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz

"The great interpretation and the demanding presentation enraptured everybody. Hlinková conjured up an impressionistic longing, superseded by a burlesque serenade, finally ending in a playful virtuosity."
Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

"Rarely have I met such an extraordinary and sensitive artistic personality. I was always fascinated by her individualistic expression - here is a musician who has something to say and is also able to do it with great easiness and style."
Pavel Gililov

"Some of the high-ranking and applauded heroes of the music business would have difficulties with most of the pieces artistically performed by Hlinková."
Ruhr-Nachrichten Lünen

"With superior technique and amazingly wide variety of dexterity and colour shade she whirled over the keys and did not shy away from an effective forte."
Lippische Rundschau

"It is anger, sorrow, and resignation which mingle in the Piano Sonata composed by Gideon Klein who died in a Labour Camp in 1945, and Daniela Hlinkova´s tense playing accurately conveyed the unwieldy as well as inwardly torn feelings characteristic of this piece of music. Through a gentle, but at the same time strongly expressive touch she livened up the lyrical tone of Janáček. Her performance culminated into a grand finale with the Toccata by Bohuslav Martinů which she presented in a mightily rolling pathos."
Kieler Nachrichten